Monday, April 25, 2011

Taffetas Sketchbook 07 + Upcoming Test Animation Boards

Taffetas Sketchbook 07

Oops! Didn't have this one set to automatically upload on the blog. This was the sketch for The Taffetas poster, which was then colored and graphic design-ed by the amazing Yesenia Carrero for our new 3-D poster Ad Campaign, "The Birth of Something Beautiful". You can see the final result, as well as what we're looking for for the project, HERE.

New Taffetas Boards

I'll probably be animating this one myself because I'd really like to do it, however there will be more assignments on the way for CHARACTER ANIMATORS as we test out our puppets and just try to have little scenes and animations to really wow people and strengthen our pitch. I am also in need of assistance from an EFFECTS ANIMATOR for this one and many of the other tests for Gemini's flowy hair, so feel free to contact me and co-creator Yesenia Carrero at if you're interested in helping out.

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