Wednesday, December 30, 2009


X-posted from Deviantart:
Daisies are a symbol of innocence.

Here's sort of a concept illustration of how I think a scene or panel from my one-day-I-will-tell-it superhero story might look like.

Here we have Veil, who is the closest thing the story has to a villain, even though he's actually being a hero, and is, for most of the story, practically worshiped as a hero among heroes. It's confusing.

I guess it's just, you know, homicidal tendencies tend to get you into the 'villain' category one way or another. He's also kind of a buzz kill, so there's that.

I took away his usual long ears in this one as well. I kind of miss them and I don't.

I really wish I had more time to do stuff like this, but unfortunately with school, I really can't afford to spend a couple of days on a single image- which why I really only ever have sketches to upload...

[/end x-posting]

Also you'll notice a change in the linework from the WIP below and here- it's because, as fun as the thick outline was, it didn't match the style once I brought in the painted background. It's all good though, I'm really happy with how it came out. This sort of anime-cel-feel has been a style I've been trying to grasp for years. I know some may frown upon it (the anime influence, that is), but personally I find the attention to color, composition, and backgrounds admirable, and something I want to bring into ALL of my work- cartoony or not.

Turner concepts

I've been working on his design on and off for a while and finally I feel like I'm close. What's more, though, is I feel I'm close enough to use him for an upcoming animation project, which is awesome.

The only time Turner looks like this (happy and conversational, haha) is when he's talking about insects, of which he is an amateur enthusiast.

No one really seems to like these on deviantart, or at least no one's saying anything on them, so I take that as a kind of bad thing XD. But I like them, darnit.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

veil image WIP

just gotta paint the BG now...which really is the trickiest part for me.

I really like the style I used in this one, which is really just made up of some slight tweaks on the style I usually use, getting inspiration from a new artist on deviantart that I found. I added the word bubbles because I like to see sometimes what my images would look like as a comic :). I really want to make a comic one day!

Monday, December 21, 2009

I'm now in the inking stages of that sketch I showed earlier. Since I hate inking (my favorite parts of a drawing being the sketch and the coloring), I took a break to do another coloring study. The actual shading will probably be a different color than this, though (and yeah, I'll fix that neck).

and yeah, I still made his ears kind of...pointy. I guess that might defeat the purpose I was talking about earlier, but heck- I like 'em like this.

here's some cockroaches! The final of the commission I was generously given to draw familiars for the cats.

The rodents were also updated on a few small things! It was a lot of fun working with these things again.

#151- Mew!

Here's a sketch for something that I'll hopefully finish before school starts again. Oftentimes when I'm working I like to slap some color over the sketch, in part to keep me motivated but also because I usually think of what kind of color job I want done while I'm sketching, and like to try it out first.

oddly enough, here's the initial thumbnail/extremely rough sketch:

A lot of changes happened. The character depicted here is named Veil, who is a character in my superhero story (I really enjoy super heroes, and just really want to tell my own ridiculous super-mythology). He's always had the long ears, but he's never been an elf. Unfortunately no one sees it that way (not that I blame them). I'm thinking that to be taken more seriously the ears must be lost.

It's also easier to draw.

also, ever since this unfinished thing that was drawn several months ago:

Orange glasses on a character with blue/purple skin= awesome!

I've been playing around in my mind the concept of making the super hero story take place in the 70's. Why? Because 1970 was such an awkward time period with equally awkward clothing and hair styles that are oodles of fun to google and, I'm sure, to draw. As you can see I decided to go with more modern clothing for now, though. I can always change my mind later (I'd love to draw the characters in 70's clothing/styles just to see).

Friday, December 4, 2009


WIP still and I feel kind of stuck ):.

Think I improved a little - to get a less plastic feeling to the figure, I just use less lines to convey the features. Simple!
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