Sunday, August 31, 2008

More Sketches

If I ever get to go to Calarts in this lifetime, my first film would actually be a sort of semi-vulgar story (I mean vulgar by my standards, making it about PG-13 ) about a female clown who stalks a mime. Even if the script I have for it seems a bit out of character for me, I like this idea for my first film so far because it's not epic or anything, is just silly, and doesn't require hardly any dialogue.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

I will upload more sometime

About my recent trip to CalArts:
Oh man, what an amazing school. I got my in-progress portfolio critiqued by a nice admissions adviser but I'm not sure whether to be disheartened or reassured over it. What I mean is: she didn't have too much critique, but that doesn't mean it was good. She said I needed more color and experimentation, which I knew already. I will probably contact her via e-mail later, considering during the whole critiquing process any questions I may have had slipped my mind out of sheer nervousness. She did say I was on the right track, so that's comforting, but only so much so.

She also suggested I actually put in some character designs and story ideas and such for supplemental work, which was surprising considering I didn't think they'd care too much about any of that at first. I'm kind of excited about this part, though. I think it will strengthen my portfolio if I do it right.

a bunch of cat templates

These were made for a little pet-shop-like-thing on a forum, essentially they're like virtual pets, I guess. The idea is that the different parts (lineart, shading, coloring, etc.) are on different layers so that the coloring of these things for the "colorists" to manipulate is easy, so everyone who wants one can have a uniquely colored cat. These are just the templates, no patterns or much color or anything.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


One thing I know is that my figure drawings all look the same. They lack color and composition, and I need to experiment more with my drawing "style". Anyway, I spruced up two old drawings to try to make them more interesting:

Joel if you see this it has no reflection upon you, I just grabbed the sticky off of my computer desk to use.

This one looks pretty good in real life, not so much scanned. I used a gold india ink wash which I've been dying to use since forever.  love the idea, seen all throughout different movements of art but I think starting with byzantine art or thereabouts, that gold represents the ethereal. To me, that can not only mean the ethereal realm but can also otherworldly knowledge- IE: halos. Byzantine halos were made to represent holy figures, those that were enlightened.

I made this as a test. One of my upcoming projects this quarter will be a cut-out animation with sound, and quite honestly I'm very excited about it because I have a really goofy idea (though one thing I'm worried about is one of the jokes relies on SFXs and I'm definitely not good at all at sound!). I know what I want to do with it in general (hopefully there won't be any stupid guidelines like: "you have to make an animation about [insert stupid theme here]"). Anyway, this was a test for one of the expressions one of the character will make in the short. It's only 4 frames! Hopefully when I get back from NM I'll do some initial character designs (there's only 2 characters..and a hover pack).

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Digital work from today

Quick ear study since I've had the hardest time figuring out Veil's ears. I can't ever seem to decide on the length of them, either.

 It's kind of creepy but I like it.

That said, you guys like the new layout of the blog? I think it looks nicer now... 
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