Friday, April 29, 2011

It's True

All I do is work on Taffetas

(and sometimes go shopping for groceries)

I am very glad I decided to focus this quarter on Taffetas. I am not only producing sketches, animations, animatics, and other general artwork all the time for this project,but I am also going to constant meetings, networking opportunities, pitches, and writing so~many~e-mails~ every day (which is my least favorite part of the job, to be honest- I'd rather be drawing, animating, or creating! Though I do *love* the amazing artists I get to meet and keep in contact with).

In general,This project pretty much feels like two classes rolled into one. Not that I am complaining, I love this project and we keep seeming to snowball in our success
- though sometimes I wish I had the time to play Portal II : ).

Regardless, I am so ecstatic with where the project is going though, and I have to say, I thrive off of positive artistic energy like the kind that has come through in the support and success of this project.

Gemini turnaround

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