Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sapphire Sketches & Taffetas

Sapphire is the main character's best friend (and sometimes worst enemy) from my animation series project, The Taffetas. She's a young, confident gargoyless who acts as a love guru, even though she can't hold down a half-decent relationship herself.

I draw her a little too 'cute' at times and I have a lot to experiment with, but I'll continue to explore through drawing and get it finalized. Since co-creator Yesenia and I are almost done with the writing for our pitch book for Taffetas (which concludes all of the character/story revisions for our proposed show),  I'm gearing up to produce polished concept art for our presentation material.  It's pretty exciting!

Also, a cold and angry Veil Taffeta.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Things at work and at home are hectic, and I find it difficult to find time to update this blog. However, I still draw every day!  Today I'm showing off some work I did for (or inspired by) my and Yesenia Carrero's animated series pitch project, The Taffetas.


Right now I sketch just for fun for the project since we're not in concept art, but I'm always happy that these doodles double as exploratory sketches or decoration for our blog post . I enjoy how they help our readers connect with the characters in a way words can't.   

As far as the project itself, Yesenia and I recently released our first public draft of The Season 01 Episode Synopsis. 

The synopsis marks the tail end of all the research and story revisions we did these past months. I think the story we want to tell is a lot stronger and closer to our hearts now than it was when it first started. I'm excited to wrap up all the revisions soon and start concept art!
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