Friday, February 29, 2008



The tablets and computers in the computer lab are amazing- SO much faster than my computer. After finishing my commission work for the weekend, I quickly drew a sleepy Anna, probably undressing or something, IDK (my BFF Jill?).

Sorry to keep throwing digital doodle crap your way. It's really all I have to show right now, haha. I'm really experimenting with drawing directly via tablet. It has its advantages and disadvantages, I guess. I think I like the feel of paper-to-pencil best, though.
these are earlier directly-on-tablet drawn jams, I just forgot to upload them.

Taku isn't Turner, btw. They just look similar because Turner is based off of Taku :).

Thursday, February 28, 2008

PPG preview

Well, I finally finished my animation storyboard assignment for Storyboarding. I had it done by 12:30 AM last night, but scanning and cleaning up in PS and then printing took me until 5:00 AM. Funny enough, I wasn't really tired, just super hungry because I didn't bring any snacks to the computer lab.

Here are a few snippets of the project. There are 53 pages total, and I'll upload them all in order when I have time, so probably over break sometime.

(please note these two are some of the better rendered pages)

I had a lot of fun with the project, all in all. I obviously enjoyed it. It makes me think about wanting to become an animation director! That way, I still get to think about how things move, but also get to tell a story. I am already planning to make storyboards/animatics of scenes and such for Noodle Animals, for the pitch log and all.

Anyway, I'm off to the computer lab again- going to be a late night working on my commission(s)!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

commission 3X3s

The Commissioner said I could upload this to my blog to show you guys (I'm assuming because I just give this link to personal friends and family, unlike my DA, which is open to anyone). I also had to put a watermark on it, understandably so, so that's what the faded type is all about. These are 5/8 of what I need to do, but the other 3 will be a bit more complex than these.

Keep in mind these are also uploaded at 25% of what they are originally, but that's usually how it is with all my digital art that I upload.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bezold Effect

The Bezold effect is basically an optical illusion, where you can make a design or pattern look COMPLETELY different if you just change a single color in the composition.

This was just a quick journal assignment we had to do before our next class. I just like mine 'cuz it's goofy. It might not work so well, depending what monitor you're looking at. Mine printed out OK, though, so I'm good.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Trash and Junk

what you see here is the initial rough sketch for the project I was gunna do for color theory, minus one comic strip because I don't care much for THAT one at all (so much so that it's sitting in my trash can right now). I actually ended up NOT doing this for my project, because I just don't think it worked very well for what was assigned... hopefully I'll get the project I *did* do today all together and tidied up tomorrow, and I'll see if I can put it together for you guys to see, albeit I'm not very proud of it, but I don't exactly have any time to go and do another one.

This is the sketch for 1/3 of the project, and really the only part I kinda like. I guess it's because I'm much more used to Sullivan than the other characters I did:

This part of the triptych (if you can call it that?) is called "The Captive Servant", because that's what Sully is. He's a prisoner who pretty much also doubles as a royal servant- which is why he delivers dreams all around (what you see him getting ready to do in the sketches above), because that's his main duty.

Anyway, as far as the commission goes: I'm not sure if I can show you guys what I'm doing currently for that, so I'll keep those off of the internets until (or if) I get an OKAY from my cool bossman. It's going good so far- I'm ahead of the schedule I made for myself...but we'll see how long that lasts.

And to end the post, here's an OLD picture I did of "Santa Squid"

...the date's on it I believe. When I found this again in my storage on my DA, I laughed. Not just because of how bad it is, but also because...c'mon...Santa Squid...inking on a stocking...

Friday, February 15, 2008

found this old shirt design I did for graphic design class in high school. It's a shame it really come out as I had hoped, but that was my fault.

In other news I've recently been commissioned! Pretty neat, huh? I'll be working on that for a little while.

10 minute or less figure drawings:

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Sullivan Study

Gunna do a whole project in this style, with this guy. I hope it turns out okay. It looks better in real life.

Monday, February 4, 2008

so I lied about updating once a week

This is all I did (that I can upload) though. Mitsy and Ralph are brother and sister ...well, technically anyway. Mitsy can be a pretty affectionate lil' sis sometimes, especially when Ralph psuedo-grudgingly does something nice for her :)!

Mitsy's hat is too small here...I also think her feet are too big and Ralph's eyes are too small. Ah well...consistency issues are just crap.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Noodle Animals

So, here are a few character concepts for this idea for a show I have. I think Imma pitch it one day. I'll go more into the details about the show and where the idea originated and all that when I make the pitch log :) . Just enjoy it for now.

Ralph the Sheep Noodle Wolf

Toby the Puppy Noodle Lion

Mitsy the Kitty Noodle Bunny

Holden the Noodle Fairy

...and there's quite a few more I need to draw. Problem is that I tend to work on about 3-4 personal "projects" at a time so I bounce around a lot. I've had these character designs done for maybe 2 weeks or more, have one of the concepts still in my sketchbook waiting to be colored, and have many more to draw...but I keep moving back and forth between other things so it takes me forever and a day to get anything productive done for myself! Oh well. At least I get my schoolwork and other work done like I should, that's what matters right now!

backgrounds are cool

However, I recently learned about this new method that is sometimes used in painting: under painting. It's where you more or less do all your shading in achromatic tone(though I think you can also do chromatic tones, if you want to have a certain coolness or warmth to your painting), and then go over your painting with a thin glaze of color. This can be done in photoshop with the multiply layer, haha.

Anyway, that's just me quickly fooling with the idea of it. I think I'll use the method fully for the next painted background. Problem for this one is, for an under painting, I think I went way too dark, considering all the shades get darker with a multiply layer over it. Hopefully a lighter under layer should be a compromise of what I don't like in both images: first one's too light, second one's too dark.
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