Monday, April 20, 2009

my god, it's full of pigs

First project for 3-D Design, a carving project. This was carved out of plaster and then mounted on a random piece of scrap marble. The point of the project was to show activated and negative space, compound movement, and interest/variety in the round. 

I figure it might make a good center piece or paperweight! lol

And here's just some digital doodles from just today (not that I had time for them, but I do it anyway because I'm addicted to drawing- it just makes me so happy):

I'm also still caught on the idea of turning all the TSLM characters into animal people, the humans being pigs. The only difference really is the nose and ears, but somehow it seems really appealing. My friend Whitney suggested that I could always try them out as pigs for a while, and then switch them back if I find I don't like it.

 I need to get back into the habit of refining my drawings, but I just love sketching so much, that I find that I get impatient with cleaning up, inking and coloring lately. However, cheap little doodles aren't really going to get me a portfolio, so a goal I'm setting for myself is to, well, start creating more things that take a little longer than half and hour again!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Four legs good

So what's this I hear about people hatin' on pigs? Sure, there's Snowball and Napoleon and those pigs that attacked Dorothy and Hannibal, but what about pigs like Wilbur, Porky, Piglet, and Babe (who I hope wins some kind of cute pig award!)?

Saturday, April 11, 2009

"Why, this here's my boy, can't cha tell? He gets his good looks from his Pappy!"
What do you think the story for these two is? It's fun to come up with stories for the random characters that come out on the paper sometimes. I do it almost all the time, actually. None of those stories ever really go anywhere, but it's fun nonetheless. 

EDIT here's a more on-model Anna as a pig (to replace the bad head sketches)

I dunno guys, it's really cute! I've been thinking of changing the characters in my TSLM story to all anthro-ish characters (the humans from the story now being pigs, and Turner and Crumpet and the other animal-people being a bit less humanish, too), or else turning the animal-ish characters human. I'll probably go with turning them all human for fear of not being taken seriously/being labeled as something I don't want to be labeled as, but the pig thing is 

Pigs in love

Sketchclub again. I don't have a working scanner right now...

 I am a little saddened by the realization of how little I've improved in a year's time . How depressing! I need to take it up a notch somehow.

There's also fun stuff on the horizon for me. This summer I will be taking an online character design class taught by by Stephen Silver! I am pretty excited to learn from him. 

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