Monday, June 28, 2010

Oh, Ye Of Little Faith

This is for my friend Alison! Happy Birthday!

I played around with trying to do something interesting with something very limited. I hope it reads okay...

They are of our original characters. They are a cat and a unicorn, and they are friends (I know- what madness is this?!).

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Orpheus Drawing

I tried for the most of the day to add shading and detail, but just ended up going back to where I was yesterday with the simple lines and flats.

But anyway, as I'm on a self-imposed schedule this week, I'm out of time to work on this, but I hope it at least does the job!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Orpheus Movie Poster Sketch

Hey all! So yesterday I sat down on worked on a request my brother gave to me earlier this month. I'm drawing out a scene from an Orpheus roleplay he's involved in with his friends! The premise is that the character (John) is projected in the spirit world as a ghost (as people are wont to do in this roleplay), and in the spirit world, John sees himself as a classic noir detective, with the fedora, trench coat, cigarettes and all. Suddenly, he sees an ominous sight-- a rift in reality appears before him, and within that tear is a horrifying scene of an army of specters (the sort of minion-ish bad guys of this game) lined up in formation , getting ready for some sort of battle.

Also there is a GHOST DOG.

I tried to stick close to Steven's original vision:

I love you, Steven.

Anyway, I'll be working on inking it and coloring it today (might bleed over into tomorrow though) since I showed this sketch to my brother already and he seems to like it! Then I've got another illustration to do, and then it's Dana's project for the rest of the week! :) I am glad to be kept so busy (and inspired!) this Summer.

Also, if you happen to be interested in WWII, miniatures, strategy-based games, and especially a combination of all 3, you should check out my brother's Flames of War blog! He is also extremely gifted with musical talent.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Main character color designs- Cain is a warm/red color scheme whereas Cyrus is a cold blue/violet (but with a red backpack because red is an important color in the film). Both red and violet help the characters stand out from (what will be) a mostly green/earth-toned world (with just bits of red and violet here and there to help add some balance)

So, before we get into the promised Nerdage, I'd like to direct your attention to Dana Corrigan's Fate Saga Thesis Blog. I am working on Dana's film as a color designer and animator (for which I am very honored and thankful for).

now for the NERDAGE:


I think this is the first time I got everybody's height in relation to one another actually right (I am sooo bad at that). I've had trouble getting everyone's characters down, as well, but I think everyone here is pretty recognizable and true-to-character. So, all in all, I'm pretty happy with that, especially given the subject matter: it's Veil and Gemini's wedding day! They are now Mr. and Mrs. Taffeta!

Here is their child, Licorice Arthur Taffeta, at maybe 9-11 years of age (Veil and Gemini originally picked out the name Orion Arthur , which is pretty darn epic... but, well, things sort of went awry).

Dana's character Drax and Cotton, Veil's neice. Drax is a greedy little demon who usually tries to use people for his own gain but somehow unwittingly ends up making their lives better in the process.

He uses Cotton to sell products because she is incredibly adorable...

He also pays her in half-hearted hugs.

I wasn't going to post these here since they are literally some 30-second-or-so scribbles I did when I was bored, but I thought I should because Jess really outdid herself and colored herself a Veil and a Gemini, and the results are fantastic! :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Here is an image I drew today for Jon Ponikvar's webcomic, Peter and Company! Give it a read, it's a rare PG webcomic that's just comedic, cute, and sometimes a little somber.

and yes, I inked it. Sadly, there's just no getting around the clean look of inking...sigh...

Sunday, June 6, 2010

A drawing for my friend Jess, since it is her birthday today! I'm playing around with getting around the inking phase of drawing...because I loathe inking. I do think sort of just making a clean sketch line works...

I'm going to try to be good this summer and keep a digital sketchbook going, of drawings made from reference. I'm hoping I'll pick up some EXP along the way.
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