Thursday, April 17, 2008

I've seen more nudity than you will in your entire lifetime.

20 min. I caught him when he was smiling at something the professor said (our Professor is pretty funny and tells us random, offtopic stories during class).

20 min. each.

1.5 hours w/ help in the beginning from the professor . You can tell he helped me because the head is not ridiculously small like usual. Makes me realize that I *REALLY* need to watch my head sizes...I tend to make them a little bit too small for some odd reason.

Monday, April 14, 2008

He'll Gobble You Up!

My character Wolf jumping in mid-transformation. He is NOT a werewolf...his power is turning into a wolf.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Photo Manips and such

We're currently studying photo manipulations in Photoshop CS3 in my CMPA110 (Advanced Survey of Computer Applications) class. Photoshop is just about the only thing I know how to use, so I'm trying to make this a good project since my other ones will not be so good.

We have to make 2 studies, then 2 big projects.

I'm pretty pleased with myself so far. Even though I was pretty good at photoshop already from just using it as an art application, I never considered myself too savvy when it came to photo manipulations or any of the stuff Photoshop is best known for. So, I think I've improved a lot in this aspect, thanks to the class.

study 1

X + Y+ Z

study 2
(still need to fix a few things...)

A + B + C + D

I'm going to continue the second further into my 2nd CMPA110 project.

Also, to any aspiring digital photo manipulators or wannabes out there:
is a great place to get stock images that have absolutely no copyright rules tying you down. I've used it for drawing studies in the past.

We also just finished a project in Illustrator, which has definitely grown on me. It's such a faster, easier way to digitally ink and color...and I'm really considering using illustrator for Villains and Vigilantes comics...only problem is I don't have Illustrator at home ):

I feel kinda guilty when I draw cartoons, which is why I limit them to "between class, stress reliever" doodles as of late:

(45 mins in PS @ 72dpi), my original character Anna in a yellow dress

Monday, April 7, 2008

Dino Punch refined

there's quite a few too many flaws for me to actually upload this to my DA :/ and I don't like it near as enough as the original sketch, anyway.

The weekend's over now, I'm going to get back on doing some stuff from life. I think I'll draw a few more portraits and maybe some hands if I can in this coming week/weekend.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Fighting stuff PS doodles (~ 1 hour each)

The one of Hanten is really one of my favorite doodles so far :)
The one of Veil is not as successful because of the poor line quality.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Badum, Valencia~

These are just quick self portraits.

16 in. x 24 in.

My really cool Life Drawing professor said he likes the way I draw. He hinted that he may want me to cool it on exaggeration later on, although he also commended it in a way. He also said I could start drawing bigger if I wanted to, since he said it seemed as though I wanted to through my drawings , but as you can see, I didn't always get every limb down in 20 minutes anyway so I just stuck to the format we were using.

These are really the first 20 min drawings from class I've felt pretty good about. The first two sessions were kinda "blech" for me and I must admit, it was really hurting my self-esteem to be producing such crap.

These will not be in my portfolio.

I've got a loooong way to go!
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