Monday, April 4, 2011

The Siren : Thank You to All New Taffetas Supporters!

I was going to wait to upload this one after the sketchbook page upload due out tomorrow which has this image in it but unshaded, but since Jess and I are really pleasantly surprised at the sudden DA/FA support for our web-based animated series pitch, The Taffetas, today thanks to the amazing fyuvix (Brianna Alexendar) and `Katmomma and whoever else I'm missing, that we thought I should just go ahead and put this one up for anyone watching my account or the blog.

Jess and I are really excited at all the talent being offered to us. It's always a pleasant surprise how much people believe in the project and it really keeps us going :).

About the image:

This drawing features one of our antagonists, Elena.

Elena is a young siren who can seem very sweet and innocent, but ultimately acts as such out of a possessive need to be liked and cared for. Should you befriend this young lady out of pity you will find yourself getting more than you bargained for. She identifies herself and finds worth and comfort only through the people whose company she keeps. She seeks out the popular, talented, and prestigious, especially if they are male, since she seems to hold a certain special sway over them in particular.

If you like Elena you might be interested in offering us your talents! We need a costume designer for her and are still looking for voices for nearly all of our cast, including, of course, Elena. There are plenty of more job openings too if you look at the blog! Contact Yesenia Carrero at

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