Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Taffetas Mock Screen Shot Sketch 01

I've got to say, it's beyond enjoyable to be working on Test Flight and Taffetas this quarter!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Two Projects

Here's the finalized puppet (WELL, I see a few things to fix...) for Jonathon Lawson for my film, Test Flight. I thought I had completed the puppets when I uploaded them a while ago, but I decided about three days ago they weren't good enough and went back into them to add and fix some things, both in the how puppets work, and also some visual details (as you can see, Jonathon's looking a bit better than he was before!).

Please check out the blog if you haven't, as well. I had a big lecture and demo on Friday (which I sort of worried way too much over, as usual), and I re-recorded my lecture on Saturday and uploaded it to the blog for all to see (I start off a little awkward but I think I get better at is as the videos progress, hopefully it will be interesting for everyone!).

Here's a new page on my portfolio flatbook featuring the character expressions I have done for The Taffetas pitch project. It's one of my personal favorite pages when it's printed (isn't it funny how print can sometimes transform your work?).

I'm really loving Taffetas so far. Doors have been opening up for Jess and I thanks to this project, and it's so exciting to have people really believe in our idea. I think Taffetas would do great if given the chance, but it's really awesome that there are a lot of other people who think that, too.We've been receiving a lot of awesome work back from people lately, so be sure to check the blog to see what's up!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Saturday, February 12, 2011

More Taffetas Work

Tom Wooley, the anti-conservation sunflower (and the Taffeta's lawyer), and Elena, the young siren.

This almost wraps up all the little side characters and such I have to do. This is an animated soap opera so we have a lot of characters, even though in our pitch we're just going to try to focus on Veil and Gemini.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Busy Week

here's the puppets so far for Test Flight! You can see some of the technical tests I did with them on the blog and more will be added soon. I'm always a little nervous people will be turned off by the puppet-style of the film, but I'm hoping they'll come to like it for it's ease-of-use and time-saving nature. It also doesn't have to be of poor quality if it's a puppet animation, you know? Just look at My Little Ponies: Friendship is Magic!

I've only seen the first episode because I'm too busy to watch TV ): but I really want to watch more (love the Byzantine/Medeival art prologue)!

Here's something I whipped up over the weekend for my portfolio to the Hallmark Internship! It's something I've wanted to complete for a while and this gave me a nice excuse to finally just do it :).

Here is one of the first Veil expressions I drew to have come back from cleanup and coloring by the amazing Yesenia Carrero for our pitch project. I totally love it and wanted to share.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Here's rough sketches for some of the antagonists from The Taffetas pitch. From left to right we have Luke the cult leader, Gabardine Taffeta the jerk, Lace Taffeta the baby-eater, a demon-like creature from Gemini's island, Kristina the whore, and Matthew the sadist (who is not facing us intentionally).

compare and contrast Lace and Gabardine from a few years ago (the ones at the very end)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Well, it's been a little over a week since I updated this blog. Things are going to be a little slow here for a while, I imagine, as I'm super busy with my film, Test Flight, Jess's and my pitch to WB, The Taffetas, among other projects. But here's some sketchbook-like things I've scrounged up in the meantime:

Here's a sneak peek at the puppet for Mabel for my film, Test Flight (http://tesflight2011.blogspot.com/). This is actually an outdated screenshot as a few things have been tweaked now.

hand studies for an animation I'm making for my internship

Study sketches I did today for Luke, one of the main antagonists from The Taffetas. We're going for a very James "Jimmy" Jones feel (the cult leader of Jonestown). I kind of like it because we technically have a world of monsters and magical creatures (in a modern-ish setting), and things get serious because of something/someone very real and human. We also have a pretty cool idea for his big sunglasses in that we hope to often show them reflecting whatever he's looking at, but there's always something off in the reflection that is more telling of his mental/emotional state than what he is actually seeing. So it's like his glasses are not really reflecting the real world back to us, but the world as perceived by this man. I think it should be really fun to play around with, especially with this lineless, texture-based style we're going for. I hope to illustrate the idea myself sometime.

here's a line up of our main Taffeta family, excluding Licorice Taffeta. We're changing Cypress Taffeta (the red-head) though to be an 11-13 year old boy.

some studies I did in photoshop for Ronnie, the Golem character. There's more on paper but, you know :)
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