Sunday, February 17, 2008

Trash and Junk

what you see here is the initial rough sketch for the project I was gunna do for color theory, minus one comic strip because I don't care much for THAT one at all (so much so that it's sitting in my trash can right now). I actually ended up NOT doing this for my project, because I just don't think it worked very well for what was assigned... hopefully I'll get the project I *did* do today all together and tidied up tomorrow, and I'll see if I can put it together for you guys to see, albeit I'm not very proud of it, but I don't exactly have any time to go and do another one.

This is the sketch for 1/3 of the project, and really the only part I kinda like. I guess it's because I'm much more used to Sullivan than the other characters I did:

This part of the triptych (if you can call it that?) is called "The Captive Servant", because that's what Sully is. He's a prisoner who pretty much also doubles as a royal servant- which is why he delivers dreams all around (what you see him getting ready to do in the sketches above), because that's his main duty.

Anyway, as far as the commission goes: I'm not sure if I can show you guys what I'm doing currently for that, so I'll keep those off of the internets until (or if) I get an OKAY from my cool bossman. It's going good so far- I'm ahead of the schedule I made for myself...but we'll see how long that lasts.

And to end the post, here's an OLD picture I did of "Santa Squid"

...the date's on it I believe. When I found this again in my storage on my DA, I laughed. Not just because of how bad it is, but also because...c'mon...Santa Squid...inking on a stocking...

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Brianna said...

Awesome blog X3 I remember this> I wish you could put it on a shirt! Tis me, Fyuvix, btw n.n

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