Friday, February 1, 2008

Noodle Animals

So, here are a few character concepts for this idea for a show I have. I think Imma pitch it one day. I'll go more into the details about the show and where the idea originated and all that when I make the pitch log :) . Just enjoy it for now.

Ralph the Sheep Noodle Wolf

Toby the Puppy Noodle Lion

Mitsy the Kitty Noodle Bunny

Holden the Noodle Fairy

...and there's quite a few more I need to draw. Problem is that I tend to work on about 3-4 personal "projects" at a time so I bounce around a lot. I've had these character designs done for maybe 2 weeks or more, have one of the concepts still in my sketchbook waiting to be colored, and have many more to draw...but I keep moving back and forth between other things so it takes me forever and a day to get anything productive done for myself! Oh well. At least I get my schoolwork and other work done like I should, that's what matters right now!

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