Thursday, March 17, 2011

Small Flash Videos

Hey guys!

Well, it's spring break for me right now but work hasn't ended. Taffetas, Test Flight, and my internship at Mind Catalyst still keep me plenty busy; though, since I don't have school to worry about, I am enjoying some time to myself to get some much-needed R&R as well.

Anyway, I thought I'd finally do something I've been meaning to do, which is upload to this blog some smaller Flash work I do between my three main projects. They're not amazing by any means, but they were all made in under a day, and I'm pretty excited and proud of the fact I can animate some decent, fully colored work in that small of a time frame if I have to.

Anger Management for the Gods
- Introduction to World Mythology Final Assignment.

Puppets/Text: Yesenia Carrero, Animation: Tracy MacLauchlan and Dana Corrigan, Post Production: Dana Corrigan

Dibble Dabble Character Animations - Small character animations made for Flash-based website (they're like buttons, the animations play when you click them)

Puppets: Yesenia Carrero Animation: Tracy MacLauchlan
More information HERE .

Run Jess Run Introduction Animatic - Animatic for the introduction sequence of a game created by Yesenia Carrero. Not completed because of time constraints

Concept: Yesenia Carrero Animatic: Tracy MacLauchlan

Run Jess Run Ending Animation - Ending character animation for Flash-based game

Concept & character design: Yesenia carrero Puppet: Dana Corrigan Animation: Tracy MacLauchlan (Run cycle by Dana Corrigan)

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