Sunday, August 9, 2009

Well, this is growing into almost like a mock-up of a cover or something (I'll probably clean it up and finish it soon-ish). I've been thinking about Noodle Animals* lately,and I'm thinking maybe it could make for a cool creator-owned online graphic novel or an internet cartoon series. As all of the three main ideas of mine (Noodles, V&V, and Streetlight) are, it's definitely kind of...quirky, at least as I have it in my head. Also, I'm pretty sure there are going to be robots in it.

But I make no promises.

* (Oh yeah, and I am thinking of changing the working title of Noodle Animals to just Noodles.)

Also, it's worth mentioning that two wonderful project opportunities have pretty much just been handed to me for the upcoming year and I really would like to express my gratitude and excitement for them. These projects are the kind of stuff you can mention in a resume. The first one is a project with some really awesome SCADets (I was really honored to be picked for it), and the second one is an ambitious project with my brother and two other talented individuals that should prove to be pretty cool.

Also I fixed this up a bit:

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