Friday, August 28, 2009

Final Assignment

Our final assignment was to redesign the same character from THE VERY BEGINNING of class using the knowledge we gained.

It helps that I bothered to ink this one with the pen tool, but ultimately I've become a lot more aware of tangents (and trying to avoid them), (visual) balance, and shape variation - at least those are the main things, I think, that I've taken from this class.


Ann said...

Yeeha Tracy, your final pirate looks really good! I admit I love the first one just as much, but this one is definitely more interesting when you look purely at the shapes (like you said). I never can figure out how you use the pen tool like that. It won't listen to me. :P

I finally went and got myself a blog as well, so feel free to visit at any time. It's neat, because this way I get to leave comments at yours, too!

thecurlyloon said...

I really love the weight of this one Tito but for some reason I just love your first guy even more, I think he has a bit more character he seems more edged out. I think it's because the new one seems more polished like he takes care of himself, even his coat and tie match and the earlier character just seems so grungy and disheveled lol.

:-) I can't wait to see more Tito!

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