Sunday, August 23, 2009

okay, I TOTALLY lied.

My friend Alison drew some really adorable doodle chibis for me of our old characters, so we also collabed (I did the coloring):

I inked and colored the drawing she sent me of Taku and Rin dancing :). I think the result is pretty adorable.

I guess she liked it too because she asked me to ink and color some neat owls she drew as well (the barn owl gets to be my owl, her name is Marion).

See they're saying "you got mail" 'cuz they're mailer owls from Harry Potter.
( you can bet your socks I listened to [this song] while coloring)

Also, that project I finished earlier than I expected was actually some (commissioned!!yay) template edits to [those cats I did] (so there can be a set of longhair cats).

the other adult poses were edited during the school year by another talented artist who unfortunately had to drop the project.

The exciting part is there's talk of commissioning me AGAIN to do some templates for some "familiars" (see: smaller animal friends) of these cats. :) I'm very grateful for even the opportunity/idea of it.

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