Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Silas and Chester + SCADet linkage

Acrylic-Gouache with digital shading. I like the effect to some extent, but I'm not sure it's worth the time it takes just to paint the flat colors. I will play around with it some, though!  I'm just happy I remembered how to mix my colors (I used all the acrylic-gouaches from my past color theory know, all the ones you have to mix to even get PRIMARY colors? lol).

Maybe we'll see more of these guys! Silas is the small stubby one,  Chester is the big one (Chester is the same kitty from THIS POST, just developed more) 

I've recently added quite a few more SCADies to my  "other people to check out" section to the right, BTW, so check 'em out, anonymous reader! My SCAD classmates and friends are amazing people!

(Honestly, I'm still waiting for WHITNEY and JESS to get some blogs! :P)

If anyone has an art blog or website they'd like me to link (and obviously I know you personally), just ask.
(I'm trying to avoid linking DAs/SAs/FAs/etc. though)


Tim Giang said...

...LOL, FA

Wow, so most of this was real media? I love the look of this.. I need to sketch some cartoons up in acrylic, I've got so much paint leftover from color theory.

Barely Legible said...

Awww! That's so amazingly cute! Reminds me alot of the Lackidaisy comics from dA

megabytesmouse said...

I love this guy alot! Yea I'm hoping to use up teh paint I bought to soon so it should be pretty sweet for vacation..but yea you should definately do more like this. you really can do everything in digital with analog materials!

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