Saturday, August 30, 2008

I will upload more sometime

About my recent trip to CalArts:
Oh man, what an amazing school. I got my in-progress portfolio critiqued by a nice admissions adviser but I'm not sure whether to be disheartened or reassured over it. What I mean is: she didn't have too much critique, but that doesn't mean it was good. She said I needed more color and experimentation, which I knew already. I will probably contact her via e-mail later, considering during the whole critiquing process any questions I may have had slipped my mind out of sheer nervousness. She did say I was on the right track, so that's comforting, but only so much so.

She also suggested I actually put in some character designs and story ideas and such for supplemental work, which was surprising considering I didn't think they'd care too much about any of that at first. I'm kind of excited about this part, though. I think it will strengthen my portfolio if I do it right.

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