Wednesday, December 17, 2008

one of these days I will draw something worthwhile, lol

somethin' I did last week.

Vesc's totally like "yeah...imma eat this"

Vesc is one of my earliest characters. He used to be my neopet (a wocky). His current incarnation is as Veil (the creepy "elf" guy with the really long ears that I keep drawing), but I still like to draw his original animal form from time-to-time.

Vesc, 2004

Also, since I am taking a stroll down memory lane, anyway, here are some of my favorite old Noodle Animals that I drew for the original pet shop:

Been meaning to upload them here for a while. I'm glad I've improved at least a little since then :)

Something of a thumbnail-rough sketch. I'd like to paint it with watercolors and/or acrylics, if I could. It has somewhat of a cryptic meaning I suppose, so maybe I will explain if I finish it. Who knows if I will get around to finishing it, though.

Sorry to say that I have not really started work, outside of thumbnails, on those art trades I was once so excited about (to those whom I'm art trading with). Sorry guys, I will get to them soon.


Barely Legible said...

I love that drawing with the gazelle and the gator. It's got a real great Francis Bacon-esque quality. Those noodle shop animals are absolutely adorable too! : D

megabytesmouse said...

I absolutely love your drawings! There is so much appeal in the design and it's all very consistent in style. I think you draw something more worthwhile everytime you draw. Just because it's something that isn't 14 or so hours, doesn't mean it's worthwhile. When you go back to school youll be that much further ahead of the ones who didn't keep drawing. It's very subtle, but you are abilities progress a bit each time you post.. To me it seems your drawings become a bit more angular but that could just be an aesthetic that will discontinue with the next few posts. But that adds to the appeal of the work and simplicity despite the difficulty of the style. To sum it all up, it looks awesome tito!!!

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