Friday, January 2, 2009

Some Way to Greet The Year

Everyone should draw a skewed cultural icon, at least once.

I sort of wish I was ambitious enough to sketch out the rest of the gang. 

Veil and Hanten central characters line up.

L to R: 
Veil, Hanten, Tami, Eschewal.

Also, Eschewal's mom (Veil's stepmom), Veil's mom, and Veil's dad (Eschewal's stepdad)- they aren't all that important, but I added them just because.

 minor characters as of right now.

 Vesc again.

Hanten: *cough cough*
Veil: RICOLA!!!!!!!!!!!

There's just a little bit more I'd like to upload, but they're on paper, and the scanning situation isn't really set up nicely right now.

Hope everyone has had a great winter holiday and that the new year brings lots of good things!

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