Sunday, March 23, 2008

Nothin's Gonna Change My World

yep. Just about to finish another sketchbook. The one I am finishing up had a lot of pages dedicated to school work...the sketchbook before was a bit more interesting to look through, I think.

MOAR noodle animal jams:

I'm changing the designs a bit, which makes all the earlier colored designs OBSOLETE (nooooo!!). But yeah- Feet for all!

I'm starting to feel so apprehensive at my lack of skill and practice. I guess it was a good thing I got invited to go to the beach today, or else today would have been an ANGST day for me:

Albeit the unsuccessful nature of what I did produce just makes me more and more apprhensive :/! Ah well, we live and we learn...and from I'll go to the fig. drawings on Friday more often...

atlanta airport

Dad shouldn't fall asleep while I'm around


(sketch of pg. 7 of "The Beach Episode". It has taken this long to sketch the 7th page,because I wasn't originally thinking of finishing TBE. But now I am. Or I was. I don't know)

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