Saturday, March 1, 2008

comissions 5x5s

they're actually sized just a tad weird here (I mean, besides being smaller than normal). I blew them up digitally to ink and color on a 10x10 in. scale, so the actual 5x5s will only be 50% of the original- meaning smoother lines and less mistakes to notice!

I just have one more to do! I'm actually really optimistic right now after a full day of angsting over my color theory. Here's why:
1) I'm going to get my color theory done on time without much stress. It won't be an A project. But it'll be a B project. and I've already lowered my standards in color theory now that I realize what a hack I am at design classes.
2) I realized being a hack at design classes doesn't make me unworthy of being in art school
3) I made a 99% on my PPG storyboards!!
4) I get to storyboard a scene from The Princess Bride, always fun.
5) I am going to kick butt with studying tomorrow, so I'll knock out Art History studying in one day.
6) I'll have Sunday to get ahead in my C.T., study more, and start on my storyboarding.
7) In the time that I free up for myself this weekend, I should be able to get my commission done before March 13th!

I can BREATHE again.

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