Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ruud Request

A few weeks ago I held a visitor contest on my deviantart, offering up 1 free drawing for the person who nabbed my 50,000th pageview. I had two winners in the end, the talented composer/sound designer James Dalby and one of my art-peer idols, Ruud Hendricks.

The latter's request is the one I chose to do first and just finished today. He requested a romantic picture of him and his girlfriend (or their avatars, at least). It was an honor for me because I really idolize both his and his girlfriend's work as designers and artists. You can learn about their self-run studio here.

Also, on a related tangent, On October 2nd I received a Daily Deviation (a special feature) on with my Veil Taffeta test animation. I am so grateful, as this is not only my second DD but The Taffeta's second DD as well (the first one belonging to The Birth of Something Beautiful). With over 1,000 favorites, 30+ likes to The Taffetas facebook, and 300 new watchers to my deviantart I couldn't be more thrilled. I'm always so taken aback by how much support the Taffetas work receives, which makes me excited for more great work to come.

1 comment:

robberry said...

Congratulations on the DD! You and Taffetas deserve it!

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