Sunday, February 20, 2011

Two Projects

Here's the finalized puppet (WELL, I see a few things to fix...) for Jonathon Lawson for my film, Test Flight. I thought I had completed the puppets when I uploaded them a while ago, but I decided about three days ago they weren't good enough and went back into them to add and fix some things, both in the how puppets work, and also some visual details (as you can see, Jonathon's looking a bit better than he was before!).

Please check out the blog if you haven't, as well. I had a big lecture and demo on Friday (which I sort of worried way too much over, as usual), and I re-recorded my lecture on Saturday and uploaded it to the blog for all to see (I start off a little awkward but I think I get better at is as the videos progress, hopefully it will be interesting for everyone!).

Here's a new page on my portfolio flatbook featuring the character expressions I have done for The Taffetas pitch project. It's one of my personal favorite pages when it's printed (isn't it funny how print can sometimes transform your work?).

I'm really loving Taffetas so far. Doors have been opening up for Jess and I thanks to this project, and it's so exciting to have people really believe in our idea. I think Taffetas would do great if given the chance, but it's really awesome that there are a lot of other people who think that, too.We've been receiving a lot of awesome work back from people lately, so be sure to check the blog to see what's up!

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