Friday, February 11, 2011

Busy Week

here's the puppets so far for Test Flight! You can see some of the technical tests I did with them on the blog and more will be added soon. I'm always a little nervous people will be turned off by the puppet-style of the film, but I'm hoping they'll come to like it for it's ease-of-use and time-saving nature. It also doesn't have to be of poor quality if it's a puppet animation, you know? Just look at My Little Ponies: Friendship is Magic!

I've only seen the first episode because I'm too busy to watch TV ): but I really want to watch more (love the Byzantine/Medeival art prologue)!

Here's something I whipped up over the weekend for my portfolio to the Hallmark Internship! It's something I've wanted to complete for a while and this gave me a nice excuse to finally just do it :).

Here is one of the first Veil expressions I drew to have come back from cleanup and coloring by the amazing Yesenia Carrero for our pitch project. I totally love it and wanted to share.

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