Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Original Character Drawing DAYS

Okay guys, I seriously have a problem. This character interaction thing has ruined me. When I'm not hanging out with Jess and Dana talking about the hypothetical scenes with them, I'm thinking about it, and it is hard to do or concentrate on just about anything else in this state of geeky inspiration.

featuring a bit of drawing from Dana and Jess. It's...really...girly, I know.

This is one of Dana's characters not shown elsewhere here. I tried to draw him krumping, but how does one capture the beauty of krump in one image?

(I always draw Veil too short :<)

Here's some drawing Dana did for the character interaction drawings. These are only a small portion of what this amaizng person has drawn:
Wolf and Rori. She is a fighter and he is a lover.

Seiron (gargoyle dude), Cyrus, and Veil. My favorite is the top one

Seiron, Cyrus, Veil, and Gemini there at the bottom

and this one doesn't feature any of my characters, but

I like to pretend Cyrus is bustin' some rhymes in this one.


Bluesketchez said...

These are soo cool Tracy, I wish I had someone to do OC drawing with. I like these.

Tracy "Tito" Lynn MacLauchlan said...

Alex, if you ever want to have an OC art jam I would be so down for it :)! They're a lot of fun.

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