Thursday, April 8, 2010

Here is the image I made for my business card (the final version has text and all that, of course) exemplifies me and my usual work pretty well, I think; For instance, I am told that I really like stripes.

This is true.

...and here's some super quick, super rough sketches done at 4 AM with (and for) my friends! We all drew our character interacting with each others's characters. I hope there'll be more sketch fun times in the future- drawing is probably my favorite thing to do, and drawing in a social manner is even better!


Daniel Woodling said...

I love the card, but I would have just made it perfectly center. I dunno I'm kinda OCD about stuff like that.

Ann said...

That business card is TOP NOTCH ;) I disagree with Daniel, making it just off-center draws more attention from the viewer. Makes you look twice. I posted a comment on your birthday post, but it never showed! :T I'm terribly ashamed and sad about that. I do wish you the best birthday ever- even though it's pretty late now. How have you been doing Tracy? I've been teaching art to kids and adults, having a great time doing it! Nearly graduated now!

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