Monday, December 21, 2009

here's some cockroaches! The final of the commission I was generously given to draw familiars for the cats.

The rodents were also updated on a few small things! It was a lot of fun working with these things again.

#151- Mew!

Here's a sketch for something that I'll hopefully finish before school starts again. Oftentimes when I'm working I like to slap some color over the sketch, in part to keep me motivated but also because I usually think of what kind of color job I want done while I'm sketching, and like to try it out first.

oddly enough, here's the initial thumbnail/extremely rough sketch:

A lot of changes happened. The character depicted here is named Veil, who is a character in my superhero story (I really enjoy super heroes, and just really want to tell my own ridiculous super-mythology). He's always had the long ears, but he's never been an elf. Unfortunately no one sees it that way (not that I blame them). I'm thinking that to be taken more seriously the ears must be lost.

It's also easier to draw.

also, ever since this unfinished thing that was drawn several months ago:

Orange glasses on a character with blue/purple skin= awesome!

I've been playing around in my mind the concept of making the super hero story take place in the 70's. Why? Because 1970 was such an awkward time period with equally awkward clothing and hair styles that are oodles of fun to google and, I'm sure, to draw. As you can see I decided to go with more modern clothing for now, though. I can always change my mind later (I'd love to draw the characters in 70's clothing/styles just to see).

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thecurlyloon said...

These are really nice Tito. Lol I could totally see the bottom guy with a string around his toe fishing, like back in the old cartoons.

I agree with you about the color scheme, it's really great. It's quirky and interesting :-)

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