Thursday, April 10, 2008

Photo Manips and such

We're currently studying photo manipulations in Photoshop CS3 in my CMPA110 (Advanced Survey of Computer Applications) class. Photoshop is just about the only thing I know how to use, so I'm trying to make this a good project since my other ones will not be so good.

We have to make 2 studies, then 2 big projects.

I'm pretty pleased with myself so far. Even though I was pretty good at photoshop already from just using it as an art application, I never considered myself too savvy when it came to photo manipulations or any of the stuff Photoshop is best known for. So, I think I've improved a lot in this aspect, thanks to the class.

study 1

X + Y+ Z

study 2
(still need to fix a few things...)

A + B + C + D

I'm going to continue the second further into my 2nd CMPA110 project.

Also, to any aspiring digital photo manipulators or wannabes out there:
is a great place to get stock images that have absolutely no copyright rules tying you down. I've used it for drawing studies in the past.

We also just finished a project in Illustrator, which has definitely grown on me. It's such a faster, easier way to digitally ink and color...and I'm really considering using illustrator for Villains and Vigilantes comics...only problem is I don't have Illustrator at home ):

I feel kinda guilty when I draw cartoons, which is why I limit them to "between class, stress reliever" doodles as of late:

(45 mins in PS @ 72dpi), my original character Anna in a yellow dress

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