Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fate Saga Animation

As promised, every other Sunday I'll be posting a new blog entry- showcasing some of my work, sketches, insights, and a tutorial or two.

Today, I'm doing a little catch up and showing off what I contributed for Dana Corrigan's 2010 senior thesis, a trailer for her project, Fate Saga.

Dana was my roommate in college, and since I am a bit of a cartoon and anime nerd, I was excited for the premise. I did the color design for her film, some matte painting, and of course, animation.

I got to animate shots of Cyrus, the villain of the short/trailer, who is a manic, scythe-weilding fire mage.

It was a lot of fun!

I did everything from thumbnails to rough animation by hand using a cintiq. As always, I referenced a video recording of myself to study the motion and acting. I even made a double-bladed scythe by taping cardboard 'blades' to the base of a broom (my dad later found these videos of myself and laughed his ass off for about two hours).

Clean up was by Dana Corrigan herself (she also animated the first shot to the scene on the left- I always keep it in because my shots after don't make much sense without it), colors by Jay Miller, and fire effects by Zelda Vinciguerra.

All in all, these were a blast to draw, especially the smears:

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