Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Her Favorite Animal is the Leopard

Here is the leading image I did for Taffetas co-producer Yesenia Carrero's post on research which goes live today! This was a fun image, although very much a trial to complete as Yesenia and I are busy moving to Kansas City together (she also got a job at Hallmark!).

Anyway, I thought would be fun to show my process again like my last post:

Thumbnail Sketch > Undersketch > Clothes > Rough Sketch > Lines and Flats > Shading

 Gemini's outfit was inspired by Lucas Didelot's original clothing design crossed with this awesome sweater I found on google. I tried to make the picture a little more festive (it being that time of year) without getting out of character or making it feel forced just for the holiday.

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