Saturday, November 5, 2011

Taffetas progression WIPs and silly sketches

Part of our Taffetas flow-chart

Things are going pretty good for Taffetas research. I finished some books relevant to our new pitch and our upcoming indie-production of the first episode(s) in a frantic attempt to better myself as a producer, director, concept artist, animator, etc. so as to live up to my expectations for the project. It's a tough thing getting through because I find myself sometimes procrastinating out of sheer fear of the task that lies before me (not the reading, but the responsibilities I have to making Taffetas a success and true to our artistic vision!).

All the while, Yesenia and I have also been researching mythology and pitching and are slowly working our way through finalizing details on Season 1 for our pitch book which has been an unexpected snag in my original let's-get-this-done-in-a-month schedule. We have a pretty nifty thing going on though in that we are basing the story of Taffetas to the hero's journey, but told through an interpersonal tale, from the female perspective.

 Also there's kissing.

 Meanwhile, I've started up a small 5 second animation challenge where I'm pushing myself in Flash with some slightly tweaked, personally untested methods of how I usually go about animating. In the end, this animation will also be my ID and icon for my updated Deviantart presence.

 I'm also trying to finish that forest sprite sketch to a cleaned up illustration...


Dana Corrigan said...
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Dana Corrigan said...

Hi Tito! That's a really interesting concept of incorporating the Hero's Tale into an interpersonal setting (going against the stereotypical adventure and good vs evil). I think that will really help to establish a narrative arc throughout the series, and I can't wait to see how it ties in!

I know that the process can feel like it's taking forever (as it always is for our field), but the extra time you've spent researching and refining your first season and pitch are already improving Taffetas, and are really going to shine once you fully get into production. It's all time well spent.

And I can understand the fear of living up to the expectations for Taffetas, and the hecticness of trying to better yourself in so many areas at once. There's never a tangible finish line that you can cross and say that now everything is perfect and ready to go.

Everything is always a work in progress. It's scary, but also remember that, even in its current incomplete state, people love your characters and your story. At your current age and skill set, there are people who love working for you and your artwork (both in general and for Taffetas) is gorgeous and well-received. You can only continue to get better from here!

And kissing is always good. ;) Every story can use more kissing!

I'll keep an eye on your DevantART icon for movement! You'll have to let me know how your newly tested methods turn out. :D

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