Friday, September 16, 2011

The Taffetas Banner

Here's the beginning of a lot of new art coming up for The Taffetas pitch project! This one is going to be our new banner for the production blog.

As usual, our production method consisted of Jess and I coming up with the concept together (in this case, the concept was Jess's), me drawing it (now with shading and color scheme ideas), and Jess finalizing it in our line less vector style in illustrator. She then does the graphic design, and both of us work on touching it up.

Original Drawing

Yesenia and I spent a great deal of the Summer revising the concept for our story as well as coming up with solutions for how to better pitch the show. We sought out people whose skills we trusted for critique and advice and we got a lot of good ideas from it.

Our 2011 pitch package

We had a great story and pitch before but I'm excited for it to be even better now. The new banner will be up soon on the production blog, and you can take a look at more photos of our 2011 ad and pitch package work HERE, or read what we have in store for 2012 HERE.

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