Saturday, July 16, 2011

Finally, Drawing for Fun!

Baby Veil

Veil was a pretty quiet but sensitive kid. Growing up, he would seem almost too well-behaved, sitting up straight in a chair, out of the way and quiet, and always remembering his "please" and "Thank yous". In moments where he thought no one was watching he might sometimes take comfort in softer things like plushies or blankets, or engage in more childish behavior like swinging his feet around from where he sat.

Rafe and AlexArt Trade with Megan Miller of her wonderful characters Rafe and Alex. Essentially, Rafe is an assassin robot gone rogue who relies on a young, human mechanic, Alex,to see that he is always functional and operating. The two form a close bond together after many thrilling and action-packed adventures together and begin to like, you know, worry about each other and stuff. She drew me Veil and Gemini in return!

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