Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Final Poster

Came out a bit differently than what I was expecting, but the other way just wasn't working. This represents some quick changes to my film that will be had as well- the butterflies now won't have the monarch patterns so as not to be as eclectic, and I think I'll change the colors a bit to be less saturated and hopefully more appealing (I've always envisioned my work very super-saturated, but lately I am seeing why I should go a less eye-hurting route). Over all, they're not fixes that overhaul the entire film, but I think help a lot.

Thanks a ton to my good friend Yesenia Carrero, who helped me so much despite having her own work to do, going so far as to vector most of the character in illustrator for me and taking the time to offer a lot of great suggestions about the poster and my film as a whole. Thank you girl!

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