Monday, September 20, 2010

One thing I sometimes to try to think about in my work - story wise, character wise, drawing wise- is how to make it delicate.

I remember a Don Bluth interview where he said they tried to make the design of Mrs. Brisby of The Secret of Nihm seem very delicate to make the trials before her seem all the more implausible for her to conquer, which would then make the audience feel more apprehension about her safety throughout the story. I think about it often, because I like the small innocence that can be found in a lot of things in life. There's a sort of beauty in these qualities and, when used in your work, can cause an instant, compelling desire- an idea of preciousness- that wells up in the viewer to see the thing that possesses these qualities remain intact. Again, it doesn't have to be a character, of course. It can be a situation, a type of line weight in your work, a gesture, a note in your music, etc.

This one has nothing to do with being delicate, though.

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