Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A bit busy

Man, this Summer is just flying by! Words cannot describe how fortunate I have felt this Summer for my family, friends, and some of the opportunities I have been given.

I just got back from a week-long vacation up in the mountains where I attended Whitney Ponikvar's (or Whitney Vest, but Pon-ik-var now!) wedding. The wedding was absolutely gorgeous and despite some scary moments on the actual wedding day, it all came together in the end and two of the nicest, most awesome people I know get to live happily-ever-after together!

As sort of a pre-wedding gift, Jess, Whitney, and I drew Jon Ponikvar (that is, THE Jonathon Ponikvar) some drawings based off of his comic, Peter and Company. Here's my contribution, you can also see what the others did on his site.

and finally, I drew this about 3 weeks ago when I fell ill and it made me feel so much better:

Bat!Veil and Pomeranian!Gemini have a...bat/pomeranian chihuahua-looking son? In either case, the one of little Licorice in a blankey is inspired by one of my favorite things ever-- bats in blankies. (start about 1:10)

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