Sunday, June 20, 2010


Main character color designs- Cain is a warm/red color scheme whereas Cyrus is a cold blue/violet (but with a red backpack because red is an important color in the film). Both red and violet help the characters stand out from (what will be) a mostly green/earth-toned world (with just bits of red and violet here and there to help add some balance)

So, before we get into the promised Nerdage, I'd like to direct your attention to Dana Corrigan's Fate Saga Thesis Blog. I am working on Dana's film as a color designer and animator (for which I am very honored and thankful for).

now for the NERDAGE:


I think this is the first time I got everybody's height in relation to one another actually right (I am sooo bad at that). I've had trouble getting everyone's characters down, as well, but I think everyone here is pretty recognizable and true-to-character. So, all in all, I'm pretty happy with that, especially given the subject matter: it's Veil and Gemini's wedding day! They are now Mr. and Mrs. Taffeta!

Here is their child, Licorice Arthur Taffeta, at maybe 9-11 years of age (Veil and Gemini originally picked out the name Orion Arthur , which is pretty darn epic... but, well, things sort of went awry).

Dana's character Drax and Cotton, Veil's neice. Drax is a greedy little demon who usually tries to use people for his own gain but somehow unwittingly ends up making their lives better in the process.

He uses Cotton to sell products because she is incredibly adorable...

He also pays her in half-hearted hugs.

I wasn't going to post these here since they are literally some 30-second-or-so scribbles I did when I was bored, but I thought I should because Jess really outdid herself and colored herself a Veil and a Gemini, and the results are fantastic! :)

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