Sunday, January 31, 2010

Meet the Lawsons

Felt like quickly sketching out the characters who will be the central focus for my senior film one day, as well as possible subjects for an upcoming project for digi cel class. Jonathon and Mabel Lawson.

They're major characters in my Streetlight story, and what my senior film and this possible project explores, in a condensed sense, is their plot from the story, which is basically about their strained relationship.

Here's then from 2007:

(it should be noted this was a bad drawing for me even at that time...)

That's a paper airplane in Jonathon's hand if you can't tell by the way...he's all about the flying (and he's a pig...ha.)

1 comment:

Daniel Woodling said...

Dawww little piggies :3 Nice job using straights against curves!

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