Friday, July 24, 2009

I want to do a comic in this style now.


thecurlyloon said...

Ooooo you SHOULD that's so awesome looking Tito! I love it, it's got such a great vintage feel to the coloring.

How did you do it?

Tracy "Tito" Lynn MacLauchlan said...

Hey Whit! Thanks girl. I think I've even come up with an idea for a short story that would fit this style!

buuuh, well, to teach you how to digitally paint would be a little complicated. I'm not sure how to explain that part in a step-by-step process.

I think part of the vintage feel though is the construction paper texture I added on OVERLAY and the text I used int he word bubble (Futura)! Try it out on one of your beautiful watercolor paintings, maybe? :)

Tracy "Tito" Lynn MacLauchlan said...

Okay..I lied. I probably can explain digital painting in steps, at least...somewhat.

I mean, you know how to paint so it's really not that big of a leap.

Here's my most recent WIP (I have to use this one 'cuz I flattened some of the layers on the "looming" picture). I think of it like working in acrylics. In this instance I went dark->light (of course, adding more shadows on top, too), but for the "looming" picture I started with the base color of the face and added shading and shadows.

I'm still really inexperienced, so oftentimes I choose colors that are too dull or light. To fix this problem, in addition to the construction paper texture overlay layer, which generally darkens and contrasts the colors considerably, I also adjusted the brightness/contrast in another adjustment layer.

:D~ the end. I mean, keep in mind, I *never* digitally paint but once in a blue moon so I'm not sure how much I'd follow what I do. If you really want to me to go into super detail for you, especially about the mechanical parts of digital painting (like, how I set up my layers, brushes, etc.) I will, just ask me :). It may take me a while to make a really good tutorial for you, but if you're really interested, I'd love to help! (I can also find some digital painting tutorials I have on DA for you)

thecurlyloon said...

Wow Tito I didn't know that was digital painting!? That's amazing, I thought you were doing your marker or acrylic technique again with just a paper texture.

You have gotten so GOOD girl! I remember when you were just learning to do digital painting and you did those backgrounds of the Mayan(sp?) scenes for your class our freshman year I believe!

You make me so envious Tito :P

thecurlyloon said...

Oh have you played around with Painter yet with the acrylic settings?

Lol Painter scares me, but I bet you could make some really amazing pieces!

BTW, you should do your short story in this style for sure! I really enjoy it girl and it's so different it would really stand out. That is one of the things I loved so much about Blacksad the watercolor made it unique and different from most comics now-a-days.

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