Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sketch Club Model Fiesta

Sketch club has 15-20 min poses of clothed models interacting and doing stuff. You're encouraged to learn how to draw both from the model and your imagination. I did a little less imagination than I would have liked here, but ah well.

this one was the one I put the most imagination into. He was actually wearing a space blanket thing and his headdress was not as decorative. lol.

Everyone loved Batman-in-a-dress

I'm pretty sure someone amongst the models must be a big nerd in order for them to know that BatmanxWonder Woman=OTP. (when Batman was wearing the dress, even, sitting to his right was wonder woman holding a gun like: "MARRY ME OR I'LL SHOOT." haha.)

At one point this guy was a hula-hooping monk, but I didn't get to draw him 'cuz I was drawing the pirates above. I wish I could have.

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