Friday, March 27, 2009

So please be kind if I'm a mess

I'll probably clean up, ink and color this one a bit later if I still like it by then. The pose is a little weird (Though it looked interesting and creepy gesturally, with the curves in the upper body and the contrasting straightness of the legs)!

So I didn't make it into Calarts ): My letter came on Wednesday. Although not entirely surprised, I'm not going to say I'm not extremely disappointed- not at the circumstances, just at myself.

In the meantime, sorry if I seem a bit off lately, or seemed off last quarter, even.

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megabytesmouse said...

I love the pose at the top tito, if anything i would try to try and tighten up those hard edges or "straight" edges to get a bit of stern-ness to the ribcage and arms. Also, dont be bummed at the rejection from calarts. You are a great artist and it is just a matter of time. I would say continue to work here and try again. Rejection is a part of our lives as artists. No matter where you are it will be part of your life ya know. Like if you were a professional animator, chances are you would do something that the director wouldn't like in dailies ya know? So dont be too bummed, try again, and just know Im rooting for you(even if I never see you anymore) lol so yea keep up the good work tito!

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