Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A test in using Adobe Illustrator to digitally ink and color. I gotta admit, it really cuts the time in half...the only problem for me right now is that I'm so unfamiliar with the program that there were still a lot of loose ends for me to clean up in photoshop that I shouldn't of had to.  Also, I feel that, as smooth as the inking in Illustrator can be, it loses a lot of expression in the process. I much prefer the sketch to this.

So here's a short-term goal for myself once things settle down: become savvy in Illustrator and use that in combination with photoshop to make cool things later on. Maybe this winter break I will actually make a comic or something, using photoshop to paint backgrounds and clean up/add effects, and illustrator to ink and color the characters and do word bubbles and text! 

sounds pretty cool, but we'll see.

and a preview of Mitsy, the Kitty Noodle Bunny. I did 3 other poses, too, but they weren't much up to par (this one really isn't, either, but I thought it was still kind of cute).

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thecurlyloon said...

I agree, about liking the sketch better then when inking it digitally on illustrator. In my CMPA we had to mess around with illustrator and whenever I inked things on their my lines came out too perfect looking, they seemed almost sterile.

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