Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I should just do commissions and trades :/

Because I only get things done when they're for other people.

My first art trade on deviantart. An art trade is where two artists agree to draw each other a picture, basically.

I had the worst time thinking of a pose/composition for his character. I really think I'm compositionally challenged. They just don't come to me naturally. Take a look at this sketch I dropped, for instance:

Ew. Not to mention I must have done 20 thumbnails before I came up with this:

and this one, as you probably guessed, is what the finished product turned into. Thank god I was working digitally, is all I can say :/!

and yeah...lol...the hands are farther down than they should be in perspective. I blame that on the fact she was originally sitting on the panda-plushie there and also that I am retarded for not catching that earlier. yes.

screen of WIP. It's already becoming tedious, tiresome, irksome...and then some. This is one of the reasons I'm thinking of dropping that comic strip project from the earlier post...I just can't digitally ink/color and paint fast enough - not yet, anyway. I also can't draw good enough for TSLM standards either.

Which pretty much just means I'm going to have another unfulfilled summer, comic-wise. So much for showing what is in my head. But I'll just practice some more.

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